Dot’s Recipe Box

I happened to fall in love with a remarkable man. (We like to call him Mr. Perfect.) Shortly after we met, I discovered that he had an extraordinary family as well. They are a fun-loving, affectionate group who enveloped me into their world and have been the source of great comfort and laughter for over…

Nanna’s Gravy

Since becoming a grandmother, I’ve been thinking a lot about how culture stretches across generations, continents, oceans – permeating our very being and making us who we are. Inherited genes likely influence our behaviors and demeanor, but we also inherit the cultural aspect of our ancestry like religion, beliefs, and cuisine. Food is an integral…

If Courage Does Not Work, Try a Chocolate Chip Muffin

Do you ever have a day or a week, maybe longer, when things are coming at you from so many directions, all at once, and you aren’t sure if you can manage it all? Which “challenge” should you try to solve first? Is it even solvable? Maybe. Maybe not. Even with the confidence that comes…

An Ethiopian Dinner Party

I realized that some of the most memorable meals I have ever had were at Ethiopian restaurants. Is this true of you too? For me, there was the dinner in Washington, D.C. that I shared with my treasured cousin, his amazing wife who told us about her life growing up in Siberia, Russia and a…

Teach Your Children Well

As with many home cooks, I own my kitchen. Nobody messes with the equipment, the spices, the bottles of oils and vinegars on the counter, the pantry. Nobody! I cook; you eat. On the rare occasions I just do not feel like cooking, or if I am not home to cook, the refrigerator and freezer…

Cold and Flu Season is Here

For as long as I can remember, food had been a comfort during illness. Ginger, garlic, carrots, honey … foods can help fight illness and make you feel better.

Happy New Year!

A chance to start anew and do better than the year before. Good luck foods are known to bring good luck and fortune. Check out Pixie’s creamed kale recipe.

Winter Holiday Survey

We crunched the numbers of UnitedInFood’s 1st Christmas Holiday Season Annual Survey. Initially, the idea of doing a survey during the Christmas holiday season did not seem like the best idea we’ve ever come up with. Adding something to people’s to-do list is not exactly a crowd pleaser. Especially during this time of year. To-do lists…

It’s Hard to be Vegan at Thanksgiving

Traditional foods are a big part of a celebration and Thanksgiving can be a tough time for vegans. Tips for both vegans and meat-eaters for a successful dinner.

What Fall Season Means to Me

Shifting between summer and fall is not too hard as days are still warm and some farmers markets are still open.