About Us, United In Food

There is so much we could write about for UnitedInFood™. We will start first by sharing with you that it is a dream come true for two cousins, Pepper Pasqua and Pixie Millet. Since we are cousins, our love of all things food-related food is in our DNA. We are passionate about food in all of its infinite variety, and every day we are excited to learn more! We believe in uniting one another, and that it is better to build upon rather than to tear down. We believe that we are more united than divided. We know on a practical and day-to-day level that food is a way to achieve human connections and understanding.

Every day in cooking we experience how food is a path for families, friends, communities and the world to connect. Experiencing different cuisines, others’ food preferences and sharing meals with others is a key to unlocking doors of understanding with each other. When enjoying a delicious homemade chocolate soufflé, how can one not be just a bit more open to listening to one’s table mate’s point of view? As we learn about and experience other’s food choices, how can we but not know, and more importantly, understand each other better?

Our mission in UnitedInFood™ is to bring awareness to and promote the buy local, sustainable food growing practices and farm-to-table movements in as many ways as possible. We seek to connect consumers with food growers, food producers and food resources in their communities and thereby strengthening those ties and connections. We see these as more ways that we can be united in food.

The information in this website is based on our experiences, research and curiosity. We are selective about what we put on our website, but we are not providing ratings or critiques. While we do our best to ensure information is correct, there is no guarantee of accuracy and we encourage you to further explore on your own. From time to time the information may be out-of-date because we have not caught up yet; please pardon us if you encounter that. If you do see anything that is not correct, please drop us a line at pixie@unitedinfood.org or pepper@unitedinfood.org. We are not paid for reviews or inclusion on the website; if we do receive free products to review, we will disclose that and it will not affect our decision on whether to include it on our website.

We hope that you will join us in the United In Food journey.

Grateful yours, Pepper + Pixie

What People Say

“All sorrows are less with bread.”

Miguel de Cervantes

“To see things in the seed, that is genius.”

Lao Tzu

You are what you eat we’ve heard
Is this always true?
What about snails for dinner?

P. Millet

Let’s build something together.

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