Breakfast – What Are You Having?

Breakfast. First meal of the day. Some have said it is the most important meal of the day. That was proven not to be true for everyone. (Plus how much faith can we put in something that originated as a marketing tagline from the 1900s mainly to sell cereal.) But I like to think about breakfast, it is another thing that dreams are made of for me so in that way it might be the most important meal.

Do you have different breakfast lists or menus for what you will eat during the week? Maybe a list of what you eat Monday through Friday and another list for breakfasts on the weekend? Nowadays, do we take more time on the weekend to eat breakfast than we do during the week? Back in the day, one enjoyed a leisurely breakfast (brunch too) while reading the Sunday newspaper. But not sure anyone does that anymore, and if they do, the paper probably takes a lot less time to read, so it is a faster breakfast experience. Reading / scrolling on one’s phone while eating breakfast does not have the same feel about it. Maybe it is done, but just not by this writer.

The top three breakfast foods for American include cereal. Cornflakes and shredded wheat were “invented’ in the 1800s, and the range of cereals has been a breakfast staple food for most of us growing up in America. Easy and fast, all you need is a bowl, a spoon and some milk. More involved to make but well worth the effort, and included in the top three most common breakfast foods for Americans, are coffee and eggs. Coffee is on my everyday list (and so is chocolate but that is an entirely separate topic). Eggs are on my Monday through Friday list of breakfast foods, but I will make a more complicated egg dish or egg recipe on the weekend. For many people, the Monday through Friday list includes some kind of toast (whole wheat, white bread, bagel) but probably not homemade cinnamon rolls (this definitely needs to be on the Saturday and Sunday breakfast list).

Maybe the Monday through Friday list is what we have to not make our breakfasts too indulgent, to achieve our goal for healthy living. During the week we are already in the disciplined and focused mode that our jobs require. The weekends are when we let ourselves enjoy life more, and that includes what we eat. One cannot eat pancakes with butter and syrup, blueberry waffles, bacon, sausage, hash browns, and egg soufflés every day. Thankfully, being able to have the once or twice a week make the whole week so much better.

Pixie – May 2022

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