The Long Welcome

In 2022, Pixie will be an Ambassador for Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (“LIRS”). You might say, tell me more about LIRS and we are so glad to! See the next paragraph below, and here is a link to their website: The LIRS Ambassador Network brings together people from all corners of the United States who want to bring awareness to the people LIRS serves and the mission and work of LIRS.

LIRS was founded in 1939, and has been in existence of over 80 years. Through their local affiliates, LIRS is one of the core entities in the U.S. dedicated to the resettlement of refugees and immigrants. They provide resources and support to refugees and immigrants in the U.S., often in partnership with local churches, businesses, state and federal governments. LIRS has assisted with the resettlement of 500,000 refugees including those who came to the United States after WWI and WWII, those from Cuba during the reign of Fidel Castro, immigrants and refugees from Uganda, South Vietnam, Afghanistan and Haiti and many other countries. LIRS is involved with advocacy relating to federal immigration policies and laws (see Through their Children and Family Services division, LIRS has helped with over 15,000 family members reunite with loved ones, and they have provided foster care services for hundreds of children. LIRS offers opportunities to directly support and uplift immigrants and refugees in the United States, and LIRS has a deep bench of dedicated volunteers.

Pixie’s main focus an an LIRS Ambassador will be food advocacy (also called “gastro advocacy”) of immigrants and refugees. She will learn and share about food cultures, traditions, and memories. For the first half of 2022, Pixie will cook from the Parwana, Recipes and Stories from an Afghan Kitchen cookbook, by Durkhanai Ayubi and Farida Ayubi ( In the second half of 2022, Pixie will cook from Haitian and Central American cookbooks.

Please look for and share Pixie’s posts on UnitedInFood’s social media as an LIRS Ambassador, and as she writes about the rich and diverse food ways of immigrants and refugees and her belief that we truly are #UnitedInFood.

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