The Day I Had a Flat Tire …. and Discovered a Bakery

I was supposed to be on the train north to New York City to visit with my brother and his wife who were on the East Coast for a brief time but, instead, I’m in the parking garage at the train station in Baltimore staring at my car with a flat tire.  Pondering whether AAA can fit in the garage, the ceiling is low, and what this bodes for my day.  As for me changing the tire … I’m not equipped with the tools or the courage.  The day has not started out well.  What’s a girl to do but take care of the flat tire because it’s winter in Baltimore and fixing a flat tire late at night, after a day in NYC, isn’t the recipe for a good day.  The flat tire was putting a big dent not just in my plans for the day but, potentially, in my reputation as a dependable sister who could be counted on for driving a reliable vehicle with trustworthy tires.  The latter of which could affect my standing in the family for the foreseeable future.

I hobble to my mechanic and they fix the problem.  Feeling relieved about the car’s improved operational abilities, I realize I’m hungry and in need of hot coffee.  I remembered there’s a new bakery, Roggenart, just up the street that I’ve wanted to visit and it’s within walking distance of my mechanic!  I walk to Roggenart and I receive the closest thing to a hug from the universe as possible – a cappuccino and a ham and cheese croissant.  Yum!!  I pull out my New York Times and between the bouts of disappointment I feel over my missed trip, I’m in heaven.

Roggenart is a GREAT addition to the Baltimore bakery scene.  It opened here in May 2017.  It’s located at 5772 Falls Road, just north of the Falls Road and Northern Parkway intersection.  With kind staff, beautiful décor, they offer homemade breads, pastries, croissants, sandwiches and beverages.  Hours are: Tuesday through Friday 7AM – 6:30PM, and Saturday through Monday 7:30AM – 4PM. Phone #: 443-835-4443; website URL:  Visit them for your own hug from the universe.

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